Van Moof, Rider Stories by Olya Oleinic

Honourable Mention – Advertising

Rider Stories was created by photographer Olya Oleinic for Dutch e-bike company VanMoof, and presents a visual narrative about the citizens of Amsterdam and their use of bikes within the city. Real Amsterdam-dwellers were cast for the shoot and asked to take the team to the ­places they love the most.

The project was shot on the go, challenging the traditional approach to producing a shoot where every ­location and scenario is pre-scripted. The result was the documentation of genuine moments, occasionally fast and blurred, others slow and dreamy.

Client: VanMoof
Agency/producer: VanMoof, Samara van der Valk
Producer: Halal
Creative: Jamie Mcintyre
Executive producer: Rosie Donoghue
Production manager: Asli Bildirici
Stylist: Hannah van Well
Hair/makeup: Kathinka via Unspoke
Light assistants: Jur Oster, Arash Fatehi
Casting director: Lisa Dymph
Retoucher: Olya Oleinic
Cast: Maurice & Liesbeth, Frederique, Kareehm, Martien, Lou-Lou, Spike