Photograph of a shop counter with Slowfish branding by Vasava featured on the wall behind

Vasava reimagines the fishmonger aesthetic for Barcelona-based Slowfish

The team at Vasava draws on tradition as well as a future-facing business model for its fresh and elegant identity

Barcelona-based design and branding studio Vasava has worked with local fishmongers Slowfish on a new identity that aligns the fifth-generation family business with “contemporary lifestyles”.

Offering an innovative approach to purchasing seafood by selling it through both a physical and online store, Slowfish prides itself in “streamlining” the process of finding and selecting high-quality fresh produce.

“To better convey Slowfish’s identity as a business of inventive craftsmen, we sought to develop a visual identity that embodies both tradition and innovation, honesty and agility, while also staying ahead of the curve in terms of adaptability,” writes Antoni Sellés, founder and director of Vasava.

Image shows a van covered in Slowfish branding by Vasava featuring an illustration of a squid
Photograph of a person unloading boxes in a van featuring the Slowfish branding by Vasava on the side
Photograph of packaged fish with featuring the Slowfish branding by Vasava

The result is an identity that draws on the symbols and iconography of the fishing industry, including a graphic system that utilises “the intricate lines found in marine topographic maps and the sinuous veins of fish fillets”.

This minimal aesthetic is mirrored and complemented by a pared-back colour palette of grey, black, white, and beige which serves to highlight the colours of the produce itself whilst evoking notions of quality and elegance.

The logo is equally understated, taking the form of a wordmark that includes the founding date of the business and features a combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces.

Photograph of a sign featuring the Slowfish branding by Vasava, featuring an illustration of a shrimp
Photograph of fish inside Slowfish packaging designed by Vasava
Photograph of a shop counter with signage for Slowfish by Vasava

These various elements come to life in Slowfish’s physical store, which forgoes the conventional fishmonger design in favour of a more contemporary look and feel. Modern aspects such as a video wall are balanced out by the flowing forms of a wooden ceiling, adding warmth to the shop.

Finally, the website again displays a minimal approach, with a simple layout and colour palette that spotlights the colours and textures of the products and creates a straightforward yet interesting user experience.