Outdoor adverts for Veeps featuring photos of music artists and slogans including 'the home for live music is here' and 'front row where you are'

Porto Rocha’s bold identity for live events streamer Veeps

With performances by artists such as Childish Gambino and Coldplay already under its belt, Veeps needed an image revamp in keeping with its success

Veeps, a streaming service that offers access to livestream and on-demand concerts and events from around the world, has partnered with New York-based design agency Porto Rocha for a new brand identity.

With the company growing rapidly, and further growth set to take place in the coming years, the team at Veeps realised it was the right time to rethink the look and feel of the brand. The previous identity, which took a neutral approach like many other tech brands in the industry, was no longer fit for purpose, and a bolder aesthetic was needed to safeguard a path forward.

Veeps wordmark in red blocky uppercase letters against a maroon background

“With a respected roster and high-quality product poised to scale, they needed a brand that would allow them to show up as a leader in entertainment,” writes the team at Porto Rocha, who worked with the Veeps team on a “digitally native, motion-driven identity system that does just that”.

The first focal point for the designers was a bespoke Veeps wordmark, which takes inspiration from on-trend music editorial to inform a strong, punchy logo. This grabs attention both in its full form, and in its simplified ‘V’ form, which is used for memorable sign-offs.

Next were the brand colours, with bright scarlet and deep crimson being chosen as the signature hues as “a way to bring energy to a previously black-and-white brand and a tie back to the red live indicator”. Here again the design team wanted to depart from the brand’s prior neutrality, and transform its online presence into something more aligned with its world-class product.

TV interfact showing a photo of a performer singing into a microphone against a red backdrop

Porto Rocha wanted the typography to be another key touchpoint for Veeps, and as such designed a custom display typeface, Veeps Ruder Plakat, to serve as the centrepiece. This adaptable font, while being full of personality, is also neutral enough to be used for a wide range of music genres and artists, allowing the personal expressions of the latter to shine through without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

The main typeface is also accompanied by Saans by Displaay Type Foundry, which serves an important supporting role through its “precise and utilitarian” forms.

Finally, Veeps was keen not only to revamp its image, but also to update its product experience. With 4K video quality and Dolby Atmos sound offered for the live performances, the platform needed a user interface that was equally as immersive.

In turn, the design team responded by adding a live chat module, cinematic dark mode, full-bleed footage moments, and translucent UI components to the livestream, so that viewers “can get closer than ever to the action on the stage”.