Venville’s 44 Inch Chest

Ray Winstone stars in photographer and commercials director Malcolm Venville’s forthcoming debut feature film, 44 Inch Chest – and also in a rather scary prank phonecall message devised by ad agency JWT as part of the film’s marketing campaign…

In photographer and commercials director Malcolm Venville‘s forthcoming debut feature film, 44 Inch Chest (view the official trailer, above), Ray Winstone plays Colin Diamond – a man hell bent on bloody revenge when he finds out his wife’s been sleeping with a young French waiter…    

Venville charged ad agency JWT London with creating a campaign for the film which hinges on a website created for a fictitious company Diamond Affairs. The site purports, initially, to be an online dating service for men who want to sleep with married women in the East London area, boasting the tagline, “Date a married woman and make your sex life sparkle.”

However, the site soon begins to change (best thing to do is to visit the site to find out how), eventually revealing the official 44 Inch Chest movie website – which is layed out very similarly to the Diamond Affairs site, although the diamond at the top of the page is now broken, the pictures of women are replaced by the male protagonists in the film (played by Winstone, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Ian McShane and Stephen Dillane) and the tag line of the site has changed too. Now it reads thus: You’ll never talk to a married woman again… 

This site features lead characters from the film (which, incidentally is written by the team that wrote another commercials director’s debut feature film – Jonathan Glazer’s Sexy Beast – which also starred Winstone), their biogs and of course the official movie trailer. But that’s not all…

Visitors to the official 44 Inch Chest website can prank a friend with a somewhat terrifying phonecall from Winstone’s character, Colin Diamond… The piece functions as a piece of IVR (interactive voice response) mobile marketing that lets the pranked person get a fairly extreme earful from an increasingly angry and threatening Ray Winstone. Prankers can even personlize the insults that Diamond uses in the call – there’s a drop down menu that offers eight insults that include such delights as “lanky streak of piss” “northern monkey” “fat bastard” and “ginger bollocks”. Here’s the “spekky twat” version in action:


A few minutes after receiving the prank message, prank victims are sent a text that reads thus: Find out how Colin deals with his cheating wife Liz in 44 Inch Chest, in cinemas 15 January. For more info visit

44 Inch Chest campaign credits:
Ad agency: JWT
Creative directors: Hugh Todd, Adam Scholes
Digital creative director: Paul Banham
Copywriter: Hugh Todd (plus Richard Buchanan for the prank phonecall)
Art director: Adam Scholes
Web design: JWT / The Confessional
Producer: Nik Finan
Client: Momentum Pictures / Malcolm Venville

44 Inch Chest is released in cinemas in the UK this Friday

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