To say that Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils uses the street as his canvas is something of an understatement. Rather, he rips, blasts and drills into it to create his portraits from the urban decay. His first, self-titled book is out now from Gestalten, priced £37.50. Detail from Scratching the Surface, Cali, Colombia, 2010, shown.



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Opinion: the 2012 Olympics artists posters

The 2012 Olympics artists’ posters come from a fine tradition of involving the visual arts in the Games, but they have left designers and illustrators feeling further frustrated and excluded

UK Music Video Awards 2011 Winners

Directing collective Canada picked up the Best Director Award at last night’s UK Music Video Awards, held at the Empire Leicester Square in London and hosted by Adam Buxton. Other big winners include directing duo Daniels, who picked up the video of the year award for their video for Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra.

New Aardman short: Pythagasaurus

Aardman director Peter Peake has created a delightful new short animated film. Titled Pythagasaurus, the story stars two hapless cavemen wondering what to do about a live volcano that suddenly appears on their doorstep. They decide to call on a certain math-loving dinosaur for help…

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