Vibrant Colours, Buzzcuts & Freedom for Refinery29 by Poppy Marriott

Honourable Mention: Editorial

For an article in Refinery29, Tom Rasmussen interviewed seven non-binary people to discuss their ever-changing hair and what it represents to them. “I don’t think hair is superficial,” says Leni Zachariou, one of those photographed in the article. “The way we look is the way in which we express our identity. I am aware that the things you can control are things that can put you in danger, but they can also make you feel safe. It’s a balancing act.”

In their imagery for the piece, recent LCC graduate Poppy Marriott aimed to create portraits in which the participants felt free to express themselves, and the result is a series of vibrant yet personal portraits. The series was used in an editorial feature that was included as part of Hair Story, a content week by Refinery29 exploring the link with hair to identity, including ethnicity, culture and gender, as well as creativity and expression.