Image showing the V&A campaign slogan 'if you're into it, it's in the V&A' written on the back of a jacket worn by an avatar in Grand Theft Auto Online

The V&A’s new campaign taps into people’s passion points

Artisans and influencers have been involved in the museum’s new campaign, which revolves around bespoke objects hidden in locations ranging from a metal detector site to the video game Grand Theft Auto

There’s something for everyone in the V&A, according to the museum’s new campaign by adam&eveDDB. ‘If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A’ addresses audiences – particularly young people – who might not see how the V&A is relevant to their hobbies and interests by showing just how broad its collections are.

To get across the point, the campaign message has been embedded in dozens of objects, which have been specially made by skilled creators. These are being hidden in relevant locations and contexts around the UK waiting to be discovered by the general public like a treasure hunt, forming a key part of the campaign activation.

These include a 120-year-old book left in a vintage bookshop, a jacket worn by game influencer Shlottie’s avatar in Grand Theft Auto Online during a live Twitch stream, and a piece of knitwear by Onyinye Achusiogu that will make an appearance during The Stitch Festival.

The campaign message will also be incorporated into an engraved seat plaque in a London theatre, a 100-year-old tankard hidden at a popular metal detector location, and embroidered pocket squares given away by a specialist tailor, as well as many more objects in relevant sites.

The campaign extends to programmatic display ads featuring a range of 70 objects that can be found in the V&A, which have been strategically placed in locations that link to those objects (and their corresponding interests).

Examples include ads featuring theatre-related items displayed outside playhouses, and another showcasing Virgil Abloh’s Sculpture Ikea bag near to Ikea stores. The ads contain QR codes that link to pages on the V&A website, where more detail about each featured object can be found.

It will also roll out across long-form press ads in special interest publications, from football mag FourFourTwo to Angling Times, as well as activity on digital and social media, including Instagram and TikTok content with niche influencers and community groups. The idea is to meet people where they’re at instead of pushing out mass communications.

“This campaign positions the V&A as having something in its collection for you no matter what you’re into,” says adam&eveDDB creative director Mark Shanley. “What are you into? Football? Fashion? Flappy Bird? Yes, they’re all in the V&A. Jewellery. Yep. Star Wars? Loads of it. The world’s oldest, most beautiful and historically important carpet. Yes, they have that too. And 2.8 million other things.”

Image showing the V&A campaign slogan 'if you're into it, it's in the V&A' written on a red medieval flag

Agency: adam&eveDDB
CCO: Richard Brim
ECDs: Antony Nelson, Mike Sutherland
Creative Director: Mark Shanley
Creatives: Edward Usher, Xander Hart
Designer: Chris Chapman