New Paul McCartney video sees Macca go back in time

A video for new track Find My Way by Paul McCartney and featuring Beck sees de-ageing technology reimagine Macca as a young singer

If you’ve ever wondered what Paul McCartney would look like as a young singer today, then look no further than this promo for his new track Find My Way, where Macca is shown singing, dancing and walking through a hotel corridor as a 20-something.

There is a retro vibe to the video – which uses technology by Hyperreal Digital, a studio specialising in creating hyper-realistic digital avatars – presumably as it is based on 60s footage of the singer, but in other respects it feels firmly up to date.

As CR wrote last year, de-aging technology has become increasingly convincing, allowing filmmakers and event producers to use older actors and performers in more varied ways – and even bring dead stars ‘back to life’.

“The technology to de-age talent and have them perform in creative environments like this is now fully-realised, even with one of the most recognised faces in the world,” said Hyperreal’s CEO Remington Scott.

Find My Way (feat Beck) is the first release from Paul McCartney’s new album, III Imagined, which is released today via Capitol Records.