New video for Thom Draft is a dark tale of smartphone culture

Directed by Thierry Albert – aka Albert Albert – the video for new track Tense was shot entirely on smartphones, and offers a cautionary view on living life through a phone lens

The video centres on a teenage girl who, following a miserable bullying incident – all livestreamed on social media, natch – discovers she has a bizarre super power, which then leads to a life of fame.

To make it feel authentic, the entire story had to be shot on smartphones. “There were no fancy cameras, no film crew, no cheating,” explains Albert. “Everything was shot by the cast on their phones. You are living what L is living. And it’s tense. To live the true experience of L’s story and Thom Draft’s track, the music promo has to be watched on a phone.”

Albert has long had a dual career as a director and an advertising creative, most recently as ECD at TBWA\Neboko. The release of this video marks a move to full-time directing, however, with Albert joining the production company Iconoclast for representation for commercials, music videos and other creative media.

The video for Thom Draft showcases his unusual vision and way of working. “When Thierry presented his concept for Tense, we knew we were in for something special,” says Horace de Gunzbourg, producer at Iconoclast. “We’ve never produced a video like this. The setup was so light that anything was possible, whether it be quirky locations or new scenes…. Thierry’s buzzing mind was across it all, and everything came together perfectly. The promo’s meta concept – blurring the lines between fiction and reality – makes for a unique video.”