Vigorsol’s new ad shows the transformative power of fresh breath

Created by BBH London, the surreal spot features a group of real-life mannequins collectively malfunctioning without their regular fix of chewing gum

An evolution of Air Action Vigorsol’s existing Keep It Fresh brand platform, the gum brand’s new campaign swerves dental hygiene tropes in favour of a comedic approach more in keeping with the likes of Extra.

Directed by Gustav Sundström, the 30-second spot is set in a surreal city populated entirely by conformist plastic mannequins. But when one of them tastes Air Action for the first time, he quite literally breaks out of his shell, with fittingly amusing results.

“There were 16 mannequins in total that we used across every scene, changing wigs and clothing as appropriate. Doing stuff in-camera gives it an authentic look that can be hard to achieve with CGI. And it just feels funnier,” say BBH creatives Wil Maxey and Elliott White.

“The mannequins were controlled by puppeteers, making their movement look less natural. We needed to create a contrast between our liberated hero and the rest of the world which meant nothing should appear easy for the mannequins.”

Released to coincided with the Champions League Final, the campaign will run across TV, social media and digital OOH in Italy.

Agency: BBH
CCO: Alex Grieve
ECD: Helen Rhodes
DECD: Felipe Guimaraes
Creative Directors: Stu Royall, Phil Holbrook, Adam Newby, Dillah Zakbah
Senior Copywriter: Elliott White
Senior Art Director: Wil Maxey
Production Companies: MindsEye, Two Point O
Director: Gustav Sundström
DOP: Mårten Tedin
Post: Selected Works