Even Vikings wore helmets, says new PSA from Denmark

In a bid to get cyclists wearing their protective headgear, the Danish Road Safety Council travelled back to 893 to find out how the Vikings did it

Tore Frandsen directed the two-minute film, led by creative agency &Co, which follows a horde of Vikings as they plan their next invasion of England. Furs are donned, horns are blown, but there’s one big issue – lead Viking, Svend, doesn’t want to wear his helmet.

Much debate ensues over the pros and cons of protective headgear ensues, all in comedic style.

There’s some impressive dedication to craft in the campaign, in terms of the cinematography as well as the costume design. These kinds of road safety campaigns often opt for shock tactics, which leave the viewer stunned, but &Co has instead used humour to highlight all the ridiculous reasons people avoid wearing helmets.

And despite running over the two-minute mark, it’s a genuinely entertaining piece of content, regardless of whether you’re a cyclist or not.

Agency: &Co
Creatives: Ole Hoffmann, Kristian Eilertsen, Kristoffer Winther Sørensen
Director: Tore Frandsen
DOP: Kasper Wind
Colourist: Michael Balle
Sound: Kevin Koch
VFX: Copenhagen VFX