Vineyard Theatre’s new branding is never the same twice

NB Studio has created a visual identity that “delights in breaking boundaries” for the 40-year-old Off Broadway venue

The shapeshifting new branding is based around a framework that means the colour scheme, imagery and logo can be adapted for each new production – however the ‘Vineyard’ part of the logo will remain consistent. NB Studio has chosen a responsive typeface that can be stretched or shrunk, allowing the visual system to react to different shows. Flexible grids mean Vineyard can adapt the layout to accommodate imagery.

The visual identity is rooted in New York, as a reflection of Vineyard’s own commitment to the local community. This is revealed in the new ‘Fearlessly Made In New York’ tagline, as well as the letterforms. According to NB Studio, every single piece of type in the branding has been designed by a New Yorker, while the adaptable framework means there’s room to add in more work by local creatives.

The studio is keen for others to build on its work, extending an open invite to New York designers to “put their own typographic spin” on the branding, and share it with them via before the end of March.

“Conventional wisdom tells us that brands ought to be consistent,” says NB Studio creative director and founder Nick Finney. “But Vineyard Theatre has never followed the status quo, so why should their brand? Our identity for Vineyard delights in breaking boundaries, just like the theatre it represents.”

Vineyard hopes the new identity will remind people of the pivotal, but often unrecognised, role it’s played in developing shows such as Avenue Q, and emphasise its role as “a place where daring art is cultivated”, according to NB Studio strategy director Dan Radley.