Vintage ski manuals and scrapbooks turned into London mural

Artist Jimmy Turrell and designer Richard Turley have turned an unwanted eBay lot into a giant mural, sorting through over 1,000 bits of ephemera to create the piece

Most people have idly browsed eBay looking for bargains, but there’s probably not many of us who have opened our front doors to find our latest purchase stacked four palettes high on an articulated lorry.

Last year, artist Jimmy Turrell was surprised to find the job lot of books and objects he’d bought for £150 was a little more extensive than he’d imagined. The hundreds of books and board games had been days away from the tip until he staked a claim to them, and included everything from 1920s ski manuals to scrapbooks of the Norwegian royal family.

After sorting through the collection to find the best bits, he worked with designer Richard Turley to draw, paint and screenprint over them. The end result is a bizarre collage that mixes flashes of colour with black and white photography, and disembodied pieces of imagery and type.

It’s being shown as a mural at The Book Club in London, as part of an ongoing exhibition entitled Unforsaken. A second stage of the exhibition will see Turrell and Turley return to the collage and create a second layer of paint and drawing, also uncovering some ‘hidden meanings’ beneath the surface of the original piece.

There’s something moving about seeing once-cherished objects repurposed in this way, but in another sense, it’s the perfect comment on the mish-mash of imagery people are bombarded with on a daily basis. Visitors that take some time to examine the mural’s various parts will also be rewarded with some glorious vintage graphic design and typography.

Unforsaken runs from 21 February to 16 May at The Book Club in London, and is curated by Liat Chen and Algy Batten;