Virgin Media releases really quite good ad starring Usain Bolt

If you found Bolt’s previous appearances in Virgin Media ads cheesy, you might be pleasantly surprised by this latest ad.

Usain Bolt has appeared in Virgin Media commercials for many years now, with the brand mostly featuring him in comedic set ups – see a montage of them here. But while Bolt is a far better natural actor than many sports stars, these ads have tended to be a wee bit cheesy.

So this new ad, which concentrates directly on his incredibly speedy running, comes as a breath of fresh air. Watch it below:


Bolt famously broke the 100m World Record in 9.58 seconds. The ad focuses on this time, creating a series of sequences that work to a strict 9.58 second format. These include footage shot in Jamaica by director Seb Edwards, stock footage of Bolt and his fans, and some original animation and graphics.

To top it off, the voiceover is provided by Michael Johnson, still the World 400m Record holder, and a huge inspiration and mentor to Bolt. It’s all enough to get you very excited about this year’s Olympics (and maybe, for some, Virgin Media too).

Agency: BBH London
Creatives: Nick Gill, Davud Karbassioun
Director: Seb Edwards
Production company: Academy
Post: The Electric Theatre Collective
Animation: The Line
Animation director: Wesley Louis
Editor: Tim Lindsay, Trim Editing

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