Viva La Vulva by AMVBBDO

Libresse’s latest body positivity message featuring lip-syncing vulvas in the form of conch shells, fortune cookies and coin purses is an ode to the perfectly imperfect lady garden

This project was selected as Best in Book in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in creativity 

Feminine hygiene brand Libresse – known as Bodyform in the UK – has been in the news a lot over the past couple of years. The brand has positioned itself as a risk-taker with campaigns that boldly address taboo subjects. In 2017 Libresse made waves with the #BloodNormal ad film, which for the first time depicted realistic-looking red blood in an ad for women’s sanitary products.

Last year the brand released Viva La Vulva, a hilarious spot urging women to love their lady parts and celebrating the diversity of vulvas. Another masterstroke from AMVBBDO, which was also behind #BloodNormal, this brilliant campaign tackled feminine hygiene with humour.

A celebration of self-love, body positivity and diversity, the film features a range of vagina-esque objects such as conch shells, fortune cookies, coin purses and more, all singing along to Camille Yarbrough’s Take Yo’ Praise (sampled in Fatboy Slim’s track Praise You). The lip-syncing vaginas look unmistakably cheerful, and their joy is infectious – it’s hard not to crack a smile.

The campaign was reportedly a result of research that revealed a worrying increase in the number of women seeking labiaplasty – cosmetic surgery to reshape the vaginal lips. With this campaign Libresse hopes to normalise conversations about vaginal health and remind women that there is no such thing as perfect-looking labia.

Also noteworthy is the wide range of body types, ages and ethnicities featured in the film. Adding even more to the relatability of the campaign is a series of vox pop-esque clips where women talk about their personal experiences with vulva-related misconceptions. It’s the sort of advertising we need – the stuff that makes you laugh and simultaneously changes the way you see things. Watch the ad, then attempt to slice a grapefruit, open a coin purse or eat an oyster with a straight face. For better or worse, they’re all vulva now.

Agency: AMVBBDO. Executive Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi. Creative Directors: Toby Allen, Jim Hilson. Creatives: Diego Cardoso de Oliveira, Caio Giannella. Agency Producers: Edwina Dennison, Nikki Gherardi. Digital Editor & Animation: Sofia Tavares. Production Company: Somesuch & Co. Director: Kim Gehrig. Production Company Producers: Lee Groombridge, Seth Wilson. DOP: Deepa Keshvala. Production Designer: Marie Lanna. Costume Designer: Vanessa Coyle. Casting Director: Leanne Flinn. Hair & Make-Up: Eve Coles. Editors: Elise Butt, Trim Editing. Sound: Sam Ashwell, 750mph.