What does an issue of Vogue look like as an event?

For Vogue, it’s not enough to just find the story, it’s also about where the story lives and the form it can take. CR speaks to the creative and editorial team to understand how the upcoming Vogue World: London event fits into this multi-platform approach

Vogue’s tagline, ‘before it’s in fashion, it’s in Vogue’, is ultimately a synonym for its enduring relevance, but the title has had to adapt to the changing world around it over the years, and its focus these days is on multiplatform storytelling.

“One of the challenges on this road is thinking about how you develop things for a new era of fashion storytelling,” Juan Costa Paz, Vogue global creative director tells CR. “We all know the good old-fashioned story in the paper magazine, but one of my priorities is to push how our stories live across other platforms, our social channels, events, everywhere.”

Mark Guiducci, Vogue creative editorial director agrees, and feels what’s also happened at Vogue and Condé Nast, and the wider media landscape, is the notion of globalism. “At Vogue, and Condé, there has been much more collaboration between our different territories and synchronicity in our storytelling,” Guiducci explains, “which is strengthened by the local editors’ really distinct points of view about what their audiences are going to respond to. In the end, we all work together on everything these days, which is a very different way of working.”

Top and Above: Vogue World: New York, 2022. Photos: Hunter Abrams. All images courtesy of Vogue