The evolving role of voice tech in the home

With use of voice tech in the home rising exponentially, there are increasing opportunities for brands to reach audiences in unexpected, creative ways, writes Rob Bennett of tech agency Rehab

Voice tech has seen a monumental rise in the last few years, and has now become a de facto member of many households. The most up-to-date figures show that smart speakers are in more than half of households, making them more commonplace than tablets, and last year saw over half of smart device owners using voice commands more than once per day.

One obvious driving force behind the ongoing uptake has been Covid-19, which has seen people evaluate the homes and be willing to invest in technology to improve their set-up, whilst also being conscious of ways to make isolated relatives feel more connected. But make no mistake – this isn’t just a Covid fad, this is a new facet of technology that is becoming intertwined with our daily lives, much like the smartphone.