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The Greatest Design and Ad Clips on YouTube? Well, a few of them

Today’s Observer newspaper features a list of the 50 Greatest Arts Clips on YouTube. In the spirit of shamelessly ripping off a good idea, we present some of the best design and ad-related clips we could find. To kick things off, from 1984, a fresh-faced Peter Saville and New Order’s Bernard Sumner discuss the importance of style to Factory Records in a Manchester caff…

Was John Pasche Asked to Join the Rolling Stones?

After our post on John Pasche’s design and subsequent sale of the Rolling Stones logo (above), rumours began to circulate that Pasche had been offered a place in the band and even that the Stones had bought his house for him. We have the truth…

Airside’s Alphabunnies

Here at CR, we love a good typeface. And, as it goes, we’re big fans of playboy bunnies. So imagine our delight when we spotted a new print available from the Airside Shop that craftily combines both type and bunny-girls (albeit bunny girls with rabbit heads – you know, ancient Egyptian godess style)…

The Mighty Book of Boosh: a sneak preview

While it’s common knowledge amongst Mighty Boosh fans that the surreal TV show’s spaced out Shaman, Naboo, is played by Noel Fielding’s brother, Michael, it’s less well known that the man inside Boosh character Bollo’s gorilla suit is actually a graphic designer and photographer. Bollo’s design skills (his real name is Dave Brown) are showcased in the the forthcoming Mighty Book Of Boosh, published by Canongate on 18 September. Brown, has art directed and designed the book and contributed the bulk of the photography therein. Here we reveal a selection of spreads and images from the book…


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