Kathrein Privatbank rebrand by &Walsh

&Walsh references Austrian art history for its Kathrein Privatbank rebrand

The Austrian bank’s commitment to personalisation is emphasised through the expressive forms of the Vienna Secession art movement – which included artists such as Gustav Klimt and Koloman Moser

Kathrein Privatbank is a private bank in Austria, aimed at helping its clients to better manage their finances and ultimately “better live their narrative”. To do so, it offers a highly personalised experience through its range of products and services.

The company reached out to New York-based creative agency &Walsh to work on a rebrand that would position it as the country’s most accessible private bank, and help it break away from larger competitors.

&Walsh drew on the bank’s Austrian heritage for its visual identity, in particular the art movement Vienna Secession – which took place in the country at the turn of the 20th century. Its members rejected ‘traditional’ art styles, and promoted a move towards more unified disciplines of painting, architecture and sculpture. Founding figures included artist Gustav Klimt, architect Joseph Maria Olbrich, and designer Koloman Moser.

Kathrein Privatbank rebrand by &Walsh
Kathrein Privatbank rebrand by &Walsh
Kathrein Privatbank rebrand by &Walsh

The art movement’s influence can be seen in a series of graphic ornaments and patterns, which are complemented by a simple colour palette of white and purple, allowing the designs themselves to shine. The ‘K’ of the wordmark is an expressive, balletic letterform that’s in keeping with the aesthetic, referencing the monogram of Austrian artist Friedrich König, who was a key figure within the Vienna Secession.

&Walsh’s identity reflects society’s collective reevaluation of money – with many individuals now seeking specific values and narratives, rather than just pure financial gain. Potential customers may be drawn to the fact that Kathrein Privatbank invests in “sustainable solutions, artificial intelligence, and the arts”, and as such, these three areas are reflected in marble sculptures designed by &Walsh.

“In the identity, we focused on bringing forward Kathrein’s Austrian roots in combination with their deep commitment to personalisation to separate them from their larger international competitors,” says Jessica Walsh, founder of the studio.