Wang & Söderström on the possibilities of digital

The Copenhagen-based duo discuss their continued exploration of digital technologies and their relationship with the natural world

Anny Wang and Tim Söderström met while studying in Copenhagen, and it wasn’t long before they became partners both professionally and personally. “It’s powerful to be able to share and enjoy professional achievements and have that joy blended with the private or vice versa,” they say.

Working and living together means Wang and Söderström know each other’s weaknesses, their potential and they can push each other when needed. “We complement each other in the way that we have quite different personalities, therefore there is always an element of surprise – helping each other alter perception and spark ideas.” 

Having worked on all manner of different projects such as digital imagery, installations, motion graphics, animation, and exhibition design, Wang & Söderström’s output is vast, and based in an ethereal world that occupies both the physical and the digital to “create imaginaries of the past and future through digital narratives”. 

Top: Rehousing Technosphere screenshot; Above: Wh331 0f 1!f3 from Royal Chambers exhibition. All images: Wang & Söderström