Want To Appear At Our Click Conference?

On 13 November Creative Review is staging our next Click conference. We are looking for students or young creatives working in digital media to present their work…

On 13 November Creative Review is staging our next Click conference. We are looking for students or young creatives working in digital media to present their work…

The idea is to showcase five experimental projects from either students or young designers relating in some way to the internet or other digital media. Each person or team will be given ten minutes to present their project to an assembled audience of creative directors, designers and clients at Click in London. If you’d like to take part, please email patrick.burgoyne@centaur.co.uk

The full speaker line-up for Click this year is as follows:

Michael Lebowitz, CEO, Big Spaceship (USA)
Mark Chalmers, Creative Director, Perfect Fools (The Netherlands)
Koichiro Tanaka, Creative Director, Projector (Japan)
David Eriksson, CEO, North Kingdom (Sweden)
Tom Eslinger, Worldwide Creative Director – Interactive & Emerging Media, Saatchi & Saatchi
Alasdair Scott, Chief Creative Officer, Filter
Mark Chalmers, Creative Director, Perfect Fools (Netherlands)
Neil Hughston, Managing Partner, Grey London
Piero Frescobaldi, Managing Partner & Creative Director, Unit 9
Andy Chen, VP of Global Digital Solutions, VBS
Chris Clarke, Global Creative Director, LBI
Ed Elworthy, Head of Brand Connections, Nike
Ysabel Vazquez, Communications Manager, Mini
Daniele Fiandaca, Profero
Paul Coops, Creative Director, Woedend (Netherlands)
Peter Riley, Creative Partner, 20:20
Jeroen Matser, Strategy Director, Tribal DDB
Flo Heiss, Creative Director, Dare

The day will be chaired by Graham Fink, Creative Director, M & C Saatchi

For more details, go here

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