Warp20 campaign – YES/Dan Holdsworth

This year marks the 20th anniversary of record label Warp, which is celebrating the occasion with a series of live events, exhibitions and special releases, all produced under the moniker Warp20.

London’s YES Studio has created the identity for Warp20  in collaboration with photo­grapher Dan Holdsworth. The imagery created will appear on advertising, merchandise, art prints and, of course on record sleeves, including those contained in a special edition box set released by Warp later this year.

“The art direction and design is based around the Möbius strip,” explains YES Studio’s Simon Earith, the idea being that the twisted loop form of the Möbius represents the “enigmatic and unquantifiable nature” of the label. The studio had a physical representation of a purple Möbius strip built using rapid prototyping, purple being the Warp brand colour. This was then photographed by Dan Holdsworth in 20 locations around the UK.

“Our ultimate aim was to represent Warp20 with both presence and scale,” says Earith before going on to explain that “the core of our idea is that this presence forms the centrepiece to the imagery at the heart of the campaign identity.” The floating shape, we are told, “subtly suggests a benign force, an ever-evolving entity”. Quite. Shown here are photographs of the prototype of the special edition Warp20

10-inch box set release that will feature a 192-page, full colour, perfect-bound catalogue of artwork of every Warp release (shown top left in the above image). Also housed in the package are no less than five different sets of music contained on five cds and five slabs of vinyl. Full details can be found at warp.net/warp20.



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