The wayfinding system that responds to sound

Danish design studio Kontrapunkt and Nippon Design Center have created a digital wayfinding system for tech brand Goertek which responds to ambient sound

The Sonic Typeface is in use at Goertek’s R&D Centre in Qinbao, China. Established in 2001, Goertek is an electronics company specialising in acoustic components as well as VR, AR, drones and other ‘digital hardware’.

Taking its sound and acoustic heritage as a reference point, Kontrapunkt and Nippon Design Center created a variable typeface which changes appearance by vibrating in different frequencies and wave types, echoing electronic oscillators. The shape of the different types of sound wave inform the design of the variants of the typeface (see above).

The typeface is used on digital signage and wayfinding systems throughout the R&D hub, responding to its environment. “From the bustling Goertek Street with cinemas and cafes to the discreet VIP entrance, the signs and typeface adapt to the surrounding elements by using Opentype technologies,” Kontrapunkt says.


Milton Keynes