How creativity can elevate Indigenous Australian voices

CR speaks to the founders of We Are Warriors, the first Australian platform of its kind created to celebrate “Blak excellence and the next generation” 

“The reality is there is such a lack of understanding of Indigenous culture. There’s an embarrassment over what’s happened in the past and it’s just been brushed under the carpet,” says Ben Miles, VP executive creative director at R/GA Australia. “Indigenous Australians make up 3% of the population so it’s so much harder for their voices to carry and to stand up. That’s why it’s so important to have allyship and people coming together to be part of the change.”

Miles is two and a half years into the creation of We Are Warriors (WAW), a platform that launched to the public in 2022 and has been designed to “spotlight Blak excellence and encourage the next generation to ‘see it to be it’”. The driving force behind the enterprise has been Yuin Nation hip hop artist, producer and WAW founder, Nooky. Miles met Nooky during a project the agency were working on and then a year later in 2020, when the news was dominated by the death of George Floyd and the following Black Lives Matter protests, he reached out to him as similar conversations in relation to First Nations Australians were happening across the country.