We need to talk about failure

On November 20, CR and D&AD are holding a live discussion about failure and its importance for creativity. Join Lauren Currie, Tanya Livesey, Adrian Shaughnessy and Tim Malbon plus the CR team

CR and D&AD hold regular events at D&AD HQ in London to coincide with each print issue of the magazine. Our next event takes as its theme the thorny topic of failure.

We have a brilliant line up of CR’s Creative Leaders and columnists to discuss the subject, hosted by our Managing Editor, Eliza Williams. Lauren Currie OBE of NOBL and leadership coach and Talent Business Global Head of Creative Talent Tanya Livesey will join Made by Many’s Founder Tim Malbon and Adrian Shaughnessy of the RCA and Unit Editions to delve into the importance of failure in a creative career.

The event runs from 7pm on Tuesday November 20 at D&AD, Cheshire Street, London E2. It’s free. There are drinks. And crisps!

If you’d like to join us, just sign up here

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