Web Font Awards

Entries are now open for the second annual Web Font Awards, the scheme set up by Monotype Imaging to recognise the outstanding use of type on websites

Entries are now open for the second annual Web Font Awards, the scheme set up by Monotype Imaging to recognise the outstanding use of type on websites

This year’s grand prize for both the Judges’ Choice and Community Choice winners is a trip to London with a VIP pass to the Future of Web Design London Conference in the spring of 2012. Other prizes include Apple iPad 2s, subscriptions to Monotype Imaging’s Fonts.com Web Fonts service and copies of the Monotype, Linotype and ITC font library products. The winners will be announced at the Future of Web Design conference in New York in November.

Contest entries can be built with Web font technology from any provider, including self-hosted solutions, as long as the site or Web page uses actual fonts that are served to Internet-connected machines through the @font-face declaration. There is no limit to the number of entries that an individual can submit. Deadline: October 28.

Full details here

This video looks back at last year’s winners

CR in Print

Thanks for reading the CR Blog but if you’re not also reading the magazinein print, you’re really missing out. Our October issue includes the story of Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet, a profile of Jake Barton whose studio is currently working on the 9/11 Memorial Museum, plus pieces on branding and the art world, guerilla advertising coming of age, Google’s Android logo, Ars Electronica, adland and the riots, and loads more.

If you would like to buy this issue and are based in the UK, you can search for your nearest stockist here. Based outside the UK? Simply call +44(0)207 292 3703 to find your nearest stockist. Better yet, subscribe to CR for a year here and save yourself almost 30% on the printed magazine.

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