Website to promote Tom Clancy’s The Division game demonstrates how quickly society could collapse

Ubisoft has released a new site to promote its long-awaited new game Tom Clancy’s The Division. The game has a post-apocalyptic setting, taking place after a virus has killed millions and destroyed society. The Collapse website, created by BETC, acts as a preamble to this, using real data to show how quickly our world could descend into chaos in the event of a deadly pandemic.

As bleak as this concept may sound, the Collapse site is actually pretty fun to play with. It uses personalised information to show how a breakdown in society could happen in your own neighbourhood, and how quickly a virus would spread. Rather than show bodies collapsing on the streets though – this would be a little depressing – it focuses on stats and facts to demonstrate the demise of your city. The experience features over 11,150 hospitals, 195,000 supermarkets, 105,000 pharmacies, 165,500 banks, 4,600 airports, 250 power stations, and 4,000 jails round the world, some of which users are likely to walk past every day.

At the end, it tells you how long it would take the world to ‘go dark’ if you had personally spread the virus. This scenario plays out in different ways depending on the city you are in, which offers the user a perverse kind of challenge: could I bring the world to its knees more quickly if I broke the disease in Hong Kong, say, rather than London? It’s fun to try it out…

At the end, there is a trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division, which is out on March 16. All in all, an absorbing piece of promotion to whet players’ appetites for a much-anticipated game.

Shown below are stills from my personal journey of destruction through the site. You can create your own at


Agency: BETC & BETC Digital
ECD: Stéphane Xiberras
Creative directors: Christophe Clapier, Ivan Beczkowski
Creatives: Vincent Blachère, Raphaël Perrollier, Adrien Héron, Alban Gallee, Simon Lamasa
Creative technologists: Thibault Dargeou, Frédéric Petitpont, Alexis Galbourdin
Lead developer: Nicolas Barradeau
Production: Make me Pulse, David Ronai

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