Department of New Realities

Welcome to the Department of New Realities

Want to ride around Amsterdam at night killing zombies? How about enter the world of a child’s ‘senseless fairytale’, where you can act as protagonist in a trippy, futuristic Alice-in-Wonderland-style story? Or maybe you just want to escape the urban grind and get to a beach? All this is possible in the Department of New Realities.

Housed within Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, the Department of New Realities aims to explore new tech territories and how they will change our lives, including our relationships with brands. Projects created by the department so far have included the use of VR and AR to make bespoke experiences; some for brands, others just for the fun of it, to show off what’s possible.

VR and AR have of course been buzzwords in the creative industries for a while now, almost to the point of exhaustion. But what makes the Department of New Realities stand out amongst a sea of dull ‘brand experiences’ is the exuberance of their work. Whereas all too often VR has been used to corporate ends, creating replicas of the world as we know it but with the addition of a heavy headset strapped to our face, the DPTNR is determined to expand our universe with a mix of distinctive aesthetics and occasionally wild philosophical ideas.