WePresent by WeTransfer Traces – A Virtual Time Capsule website

Category: Websites; Entrant: WeTransfer

For Traces, artist Marina Abramović was asked by WeTransfer’s digital arts platform, WePresent, to select five items to preserve for future generations. She chose the Rose of Jericho, quartz stones, a stone from Mars, the Vincent van Gogh painting The Starry Night, and the Susan Sontag book, Regarding the Pain of Others.

WeTransfer’s creative studio then turned her ideas into an immersive virtual time capsule using a combination of 3D execution, video, animation, sound design and text, ­accessible via a microsite on a computer or mobile phone. The experience was visited over half a million times in its first month and celebrates the artist’s creative process and life’s work as a pioneer of performance art.

Company: WePresent
Editor-In-Chief: Holly Fraser
Lead Project/Senior Commissioning Editor: Suzanne Tromp
Managing Editor: Danielle Boelling
Story Editor: Liv Siddall
Interview and Article: Katya Tylevich
WeTransfer PR: Event & Partnership Manager: Linda Mertens
PR Manager: Leonora Chance
PR Agency: Purple
Internal Producer: Ciara O’shea
WeTransfer Studio: Lead Engineering: Johnny Slack
Digital Designer/3D Design: Stevijn Van Olst
Digital Design & Art Direction: Marika Seo
Identity Design & Art Direction: Lumir Spanihel
Copywriter: Robyn Collinge
Digital Creative Direction: Diana Alcausin
Identity Creative Direction: Thijs Remie
Sound Design: Harrison Cargill, The Blair Partnership
Brand Development: Adam Reed