Asteroid City exhibition

Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City comes to life in new exhibition

An array of original sets, props, miniatures, costumes and artwork from the cult director’s latest film are on display at 180 Studios in London

Set in the fictional American desert town of Asteroid City circa 1955, Wes Anderson’s latest film tells the story of a Junior Stargazer convention that is spectacularly disrupted by world-altering events.

The director’s stylised brand of filmmaking has gained a cult following among the creative community over the years, with behind-the-scenes crafts such as graphic design often garnering as much interest as the actual films.

London’s 180 Studios has hosted a number of exhibitions dedicated to Anderson’s previous films, including the 1,000+ puppets that featured in Isle of Dogs and objects from The French Dispatch including prisoner Moses Rosenthaler’s distinctive paintings.

Asteroid City is getting the same treatment ahead of its UK release on June 23, in a new exhibition curated in collaboration with Universal Pictures.

The immersive show will transport audiences to the film’s sci-fi town namesake through installations, visuals, and sounds, including an opportunity to dine out at 1950s diner the Luncheonette.

Alongside the original sets, props, miniatures, costumes and artworks on display, limited edition merchandise will also be on sale at the venue, including T-shirts, totes, screenplays, companion books, pin badges, and exclusive vinyl.

Asteroid City Exhibition is at 180 Studios until July 8;