#WeThe15 is fighting for inclusivity for the 15% of the world with disabilities

Created in partnership with 20 organisations, including the International Paralympic Committee, #WeThe15 is the start of a decade-long campaign to raise awareness and fight for the rights of the 1.2bn people worldwide with disabilities

#WeThe15 takes its name from the 15% of the global population who have a disability and aims to raise awareness of the challenges that these 1.2 billion people often face, including access to healthcare, education and employment.

The launch campaign features an identity created by Pentagram’s Harry Pearce and Yuki Suzuki and an ad created by adam&eveDDB, with other content for the campaign by brand partners including Facebook, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Visa and more to follow.

The film, created by Pulse Films and director Sam Pilling, sets out to challenge some of the stereotypes that people with disabilities face, including pity or being framed as ‘brave’. It was filmed in Bogota, Bangkok, London, Johannesburg, Milan and Manila, and includes nearly 40 persons with disabilities assembled in partnership with disabled talent agency and consultancy C Talent.

#WeThe15 is released in the run up to the Toyko Paralympic Games, which open on August 24, and the film will be played at both the opening and closing ceremonies. It follows Channel 4’s ongoing campaigns as the UK broadcaster for the Games, which have addressed both the skills of Paralympic athletes but also the everyday challenges that people with disabilities face.

Pentagram’s identity includes a wordmark and a symbol by Pearce and his team and sonic branding by Suzuki. Throughout the Paralympic Games, athletes will wear temporary tattoos featuring the #WeThe15 symbol. A vibrant shade of purple was chosen for the identity as this represents the international colour of disability and to mark today’s launch, 125 iconic global landmarks across six continents – from Tokyo’s Skytree to Niagara Falls – will be illuminated in purple light.

“#WeThe15 gives a voice to the biggest unheard group in the Inclusion agenda,” says Mat Goff, CEO of adam&eveDDB. “This Tokyo 2020 launch campaign is just the start of a movement that will drive real change for over a billion people worldwide. The more brands and organisations and people that get involved in this movement, the louder that voice will be and the faster the change will come.”