WeTransfer and Jungle music collaboration

File-sharing platform WeTransfer’s ambitious global campaign with British band Jungle reveals dynamic new ways for musicians to reach audiences today

WeTransfer has a longstanding relationship with the music world, having previously collaborated on creative projects with everyone from FKA twigs to Solange. It has also inadvertently been involved in artists distributing their work to fans in recent years: Prince dropped an entire Judith Hill album via the file-sharing service back in 2015, while Sault released five downloadable albums in 2022.

As the company looked to increase brand awareness in 2023, it wanted to show people that it does more than just send files. Instead of getting the message out via a traditional ad campaign, the brand embarked on a 360-degree global campaign in collaboration with electronic music duo Jungle, spanning experiential, film, OOH, digital, event and influencer marketing, and branded entertainment.

At the heart of the campaign was the production of Jungle’s 45-minute visual album Volcano, and the creation of an interactive music video for their single Back on 74. Part music video, part art gallery, part product demo, the single-take video featured six interactive art canvases that launched exclusively at junglejunglejungle.wetransfer.com.

A bespoke video player was created and embedded into the platform, allowing viewers to peel art off the walls in real time and download it. In total, 10,000 unique pieces of art were created by Jungle’s J Lloyd for the video. Each time the video was played, six new pieces were loaded into the canvases, creating a new music video experience every time someone watched it.

As the album campaign’s 14 single-take music videos rolled out over several months, Jungle directed fans to a dedicated WeTransfer page featuring exclusive content for download, including original album artwork, a behind-the-scenes zine, and stems for fans to remix one of the singles and create their own versions. Golden tickets for the band’s 2023 world tour were attached to specific pieces of art, rewarding over 100 lucky downloaders.

WeTransfer’s accompanying integrated campaign, ‘Think It. Make It. Move It’, marked the brand’s first to be developed and produced entirely in-house. Using behind-the-scenes content from the music video production, the campaign film told the story of how Jungle used WeTransfer to bring their creative vision to life. The campaign culminated in an event at immersive digital exhibition space Outernet in London, where Jungle performed for a special audience, while the collaboration was showcased on the venue’s enormous LED screens.

By reimagining the traditional album campaign, the collaboration with WeTransfer enabled Jungle to connect with fans in new ways, generating 103 million views of #Backon74 content on TikTok alone. It also helped introduce WeTransfer to a new audience, resulting in a 258% boost in monthly active users and a 276% increase in account sign-ups during the campaign’s run.

Tamika Abaka-Wood, cultural anthropologist and a judge for the Annual Awards, explains why the project was picked as a winner:

Category: Music-Brand Partnership (Winner); Integrated Campaigns (Honourable Mention)
Brand: WeTransfer
Marketing: Ange Temple, Chloe Precey, Jana Bertram, Sierra Winrow
PR: Leonora Chance
Project Manager: Aya Hayashida
Digital Designer: Fin O’Neill
Associate Project Management Director: Hannah Mullen
Senior Director, Creative Studio & Production:
Lily Darby
Creative Director: Matt Skibiak
Strategy Director: Tara Goutermout
Producer: Sanne van Hattum
WePresent: Holly Fraser
Film Production: Whale
Interactive Player Production: Nexus Studios