WeTransfer: Royal Academy of Arts online exhibition

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WeTransfer was chosen to be the exclusive digital partner for the Royal Academy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition 2020 – the London academy’s biggest annual exhibition. 

The collaboration was conceived by Uncommon Creative Studio, which had the idea to bring the two organisations together to allow millions to view the artworks in a new digitised format.

All 1,172 artworks were displayed on wallpapers on WeTransfer through a ‘lucky dip’ format. With every click, a new artwork was revealed and the wallpaper automatically adjusted its dimensions to match the piece, bringing the vibrancy of the exhibition to life. 

Commentary from curators was also featured on WePresent, WeTransfer’s editorial site, so viewers could learn more about the artists, themes, and ideas behind each work – creating an experience that’s analogous to a guided tour.

With the Covid-19 pandemic creating a reduced capacity for live viewings of the exhibition, WeTransfer provided much-needed access to the artworks featured in it, which included pieces by Anselm Kiefer, Cornelia Parker, Ai Weiwei and Grayson Perry, as well as hundreds of other artists. 

The artworks were showcased to its global audience of up to 70 million people each month, allowing the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition to reach its largest audience to date.

Client: Royal Academy of Arts
Project Lead /Head of New Business: Simon Armstrong 
Head of Marketing: Helen Butcher
Rights & Reproductions
Co-ordinator: Susana Vázquez Fernández
Senior Design & Production Manager: Georgia Anderson
Technical Lead: Julian Jans
WeTransfer Commissioning Editor: Suzanne Tromp
Managing Editor: Danielle Boelling
Editor-in-Chief: Holly Fraser
Director of Communications: Annematt Ruseler
Wallpaper Lead Designer: Marika Seo
Creative Direction:
Diana Alcausin
Developer: Jason Bradley
Producer: Joe Mier
WePresent Article, Lead Designer: Lumir Spanihel
Art Direction: Floris van Driel
Writer: Ferren Gipson
Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Managing Partner: James Drummond
Head of PR: Emma Nabridnyj