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In June 2021, WeTransfer launched a digital manifestation of performance artist Marina Abramović’s acclaimed The Abramović Method, which explores the importance of performance art and its application to our everyday lives through a series of mindfulness exercises cultivated over years of research.

Through a series of new video material commissioned by WePresent, WeTransfer’s digital arts platform, Abramović shares her wisdom on cultivating inner strength, concentration and endurance.

The interactive online experience was designed by WeTransfer’s in-house creative studio and was shared with its 87 million monthly active ­users during the pandemic, when most people had to stay at home. It has been seen over 130 million times on the platform.

Company: WePresent
Editor-in-Chief: Holly Fraser
Lead Project/Senior Commissioning Editor: Suzanne Tromp
Managing Editor: Danielle Boelling
Story Editor: Liv Siddall
Interview and Article: Katya Tylevich Wetransfer
PR: Event & Partnership Manager: Linda Mertens
PR Manager: Leonora Chance
PR Agency: Purple
Internal Producer: Ciara O’Shea
WeTransfer Studio: Lead Engineering: Johnny Slack
Digital Designer/3D Design: Stevijn Van Olst
Digital Design & Art Direction: Marika Seo
Identity Design & Art Direction: Lumir Spanihel
Copywriter: Robyn Collinge
Digital Creative Direction: Diana Alcausin
Identity Creative Direction: Thijs Remie
Sound Design: Harrison Cargill