We’ve got a new website

Deep breath, fingers crossed: today we launch our new website. We hope that you like it

Deep breath, fingers crossed: today we launch our new website

The blog has been fantastic for us, giving the magazine a new dimension and a global presence but it was always our intention to have a much richer, deeper site. The new creativereview.co.uk has been designed to link up the different strands of what we do – in print, moving image and online.

For the first time, you can read all the content from the printed magazine online. As with all publishers, we’ve been wrestling with what should go up and how. We really value our subscribers and our intent is to recognise what they give to us by giving extra to them. Therefore, the current issue of each magazine is only accessible by magazine subscribers who also get access to the archive of Monographs and exclusive video content on CRTV.

Once the new issue comes out, the old one goes into the Back Issues section where it can be accessed by everyone.

Back issues page for 2008. 2007 and 2006 coming soon

Back issues page for August 2008. All content from the issue is available to read

Story from August 2008 issue, use the zoom tool far right to view images larger

If you register on the site, you will get the twice-weekly newsletter as well as being able, eventually, to post work to our Feed section. Feed will be up and running at the end of May. Registered users can upload their work to the site where, once approved, it will appear as what we hope will build to become a huge showcase of current work.

In CRTV, we will be making more exclusive video content including interviews and reports. There will also be slideshows with designers, art directors etc talking about their work.

CRTV interview

And of course the blog is still here.

We have to thank Simon and Tom at Bureau for Visual Affairs who designed and built the site for us and were fantastic to work with.

We’ll be tweaking and tidying over the next week or so, adding more content (including all of the 2007 magazine content) and fixing any snags, so bear with us and let us know if anything is not working for you.

Hope you like it.

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