What do you do?

In his latest column, our correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray finds himself trying to explain his job, and in turn what design is, to his six year-old son

“What do you do?”

For once, this isn’t coming from an art director. My son has turned six and is still very much at it with the apropos-of-nothing inquisitions. He’s forever rifling through all the mysteries of the universe, piecing them together bit by bit. The subtext is clear: you don’t appear to be feeding me at this very moment, so what exactly is your purpose? I like to think I’m a vital corner piece of his existential jigsaw, but I fear I may simply be a bit of sky.

Still, answering his questions makes me feel needed, and this is a big one. Proud father passing down the tools of his profession to his son, keeping the tradition of craft alive; an ancient tradition of imparting wisdom. Okay. Here goes.