What do you want to ask Neville Brody?

CR readers, here’s your chance to quiz Neville Brody about his work, life, opinions on design and anything else for that matter

CR readers, here’s your chance to quiz Neville Brody about his work, life, opinions on design and anything else for that matter

Brody is giving his D&AD President’s Lecture this Wednesday (November 25). Titled Neville Brody: Wanker or Genius? the lecture will actually be in the form of a discussion with design writer Adrian Shaughnessy. Although Shaughnessy no doubt has plenty of questions of his own prepared, he has also agreed to submit some on behalf of CR readers.

So, if there is anything you’d like to ask Brody about, here’s your chance. Just go on to Twitter and tweet your question using the hashtag #Brodydandad. If you don’t use Twitter, put your question in the comments section here and we will post it up for you.

On the night, the Twitter feed will be displayed on-screen so that everyone can see the submitted questions. This will also allow the audience to comment on the discussion as it goes along and ask their own questions.

CR readers can also claim the dubious distinction of being responsible for the title for Brody’s Lecture: it comes from some of the personal and somewhat vicious comments aimed at him following our stories about the D&AD New Blood campaign and his recent Wallpaper* cover (also here).

At the end of the evening, the audience will be invited to vote on whether they think Brody is, indeed, a Wanker or a Genius by holding up cards (one shown top, one below).

So, if you were one of the people offering up forthright opinions about Brody in previous stories here on the CR Blog, now is your chance to question the man himself.

UPDATE: The first two questions are up on Twitter. From Designer Dan, Is it true you were almost thrown out of the college for putting the Queen’s head sideways on a postage stamp design? From Permanent Studio, What font will your Epitaph be carved in?

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