What kind of designer are you?

Code Computerlove has developed a simple online quiz to define different types of designers. Perhaps you are a People Watcher? Or a Workshop Warrior? It’s all good fun, but, as Code’s design director Tom Bradley points out, has a serious side to it too.

What kind of designer are you?

The rise and subsequent ubiquity of digital has radically changed what it means to be a ‘designer’ and the skills associated with this role, writes Tom Bradley. And with the pace of change not slowing, designers are seeing shifts in expectations almost daily.

Code Computerlove has developed a new ‘personality quiz’ to help today’s new breeds of designers figure out that, if they want to understand the world and the people that they’re designing for (and working with), you first have to understand yourself and how the skills and experiences you have might be affecting your judgment, for better or worse.


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