What No Gorilla?

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, puts a new twist on THAT Cadbury’s commercial…

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, puts a new twist on THAT Cadbury’s commercial…

In it, the camera pans back from a drum kit in a recording studio in a faithful reproduction of the Cadbury’s original, but one thing is missing – the gorilla.

The viral, by agency Wavv Rapp Collins, is being released to “draw attention to the perils faced by many wild animals – including tigers, elephants, whales, turtles and gorillas – and to promote IFAW’s work to protect these and other threatened species from extinction.”

“We hope this film clip will resonate with a wide audience and make people realise that the existence of these charismatic animals is not at all guaranteed. We must act now to save species on the brink of extinction,” says IFAW’s Rosa Argent.

Would it be facetious to point out that it wasn’t a REAL gorilla in the original? Yes? Oh, OK, sorry.

Creatives: Paul Turner and Magnus Thorne
Director: Harry Dwyer
Production company: 2am
Post: Prime Focus
Sound design: Wave

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