What type of car is it?

From the evolution of a car company’s logo to the corporate
typeface that officially represents it, it’s all on cartype.com

Founder of t26 type foundry, Carlos Segura, loves cars just as much as he loves type. His website cartype.com is chock-full of information about typefaces, logos, advertising, decals, diagrams, advert­ising and marketing campaigns relating to all things automotive – and the site is constantly being updated.

CREATIVE REVIEW: How did cartype.com come about ? 

CARLOS SEGURA: Cartype started as part of my Bio page on the Segura site. I was constantly asked in interviews about my favourite music, movies, cars and alike, so I built a list on my page. Naturally, the cars page kept growing so I branched it off to showcase my two loves: cars and type.

CR: Do you collect physical car/type memorabilia?

CS: Some, but not much. Mostly I collect models of cars. 

CR: Do you have a particular favourite aspect of car design culture – such as logos, or the physical manifestation of them on the cars?

CS: This entire category is quite fascinating to me. I was just having   lunch with my wife trying to explain why I wished she had more interest in this. I feel she’s missing out on all that it brings. It’s not just about cars; for example, I think that driving a car is a perfect way to experience what ‘mankind’ has to offer at any given time. It represents so many things, from technology, to manufacturing, to design aesthetics and sensibilities, and many many more.

CR: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve added to the site recently?

CS: Too many to isolate, but here are just a few interesting ones…. Car cut-aways, the Vaillante graphic novel, vw Logo buses (see links).

Cartype is about to be re-launched along with mototype.com which will contain similar info but pertaining to motorbike design culture. cartype.com



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