What Would I Change: Sally Campbell, Somesuch

In the latest of our series of articles asking creatives what they would like to change about their industry, Somesuch co-founder Sally Campbell reflects on how production companies can create better environments for staff and find new ways of working post-lockdown

Sally Campbell’s production career began in 1991, when she moved from New Zealand to London to work as a runner. She went on to work in production roles at ad agencies, before becoming a producer, and co-founded production company Somesuch with Tim Nash and director Nick Gordon in 2010.

In the decade since, Somesuch has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and musicians, creating ads for Coca-Cola, Apple and Amazon as well as music videos for Coldplay, The Weeknd and Michael Kiwanuka. It now has offices in London and Los Angeles (where Campbell is based) and represents over 30 directors in the UK and US.

From her time in production, Campbell has seen the best and worst sides of working in the industry. And over the past few months, she has spent a lot of time thinking about what needs to change – not just in terms of making films, but also creating safe, supportive and inclusive environments for staff. Here, she talks to CR about navigating lockdowns, addressing racism and inequality, curbing excess and indulgence, and finding better ways to work.