What’s the story? Tweet us a tale

We asked CR readers to suggest an image for our next cover that could inspire a story. Now we’d like you to tweet us a tale based on our choice

The October/November issue of Creative Review is all about storytelling. For the cover, we wanted an image that could inspire writers to respond. An image that begged the question, what’s the story here?

We partnered on the project with photography co-op Stocksy, asking readers to pick an image from its site. We had 170 suggestions, out of which we have chosen Alicia Bock’s image of a sign outside a vintage store.

We’ll be posting more about our choice and the other images we considered soon, as well as how we are involving writers and poets in this project, but in the meantime we would like to invite readers to contribute to the next stage. Using Twitter, can you write us a story based on this picture?

Go to @creativereview and reply to our pinned tweet. We will print our favourites in the next issue. Deadline: midnight GMT, Sunday October 1.

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