WhatsApp brand profile

How WhatsApp is giving voice to its community

We speak to WhatsApp’s global head of marketing about how the brand is telling the stories of its global userbase through everything from photography exhibitions to documentaries

Founded in 2009 with a mission to provide free and secure messaging and calling, today WhatsApp is the most used mobile messenger app in the world. Yet despite being a daily presence in the lives of over two billion users across 180 countries, the brand has only recently begun to shout about its role in keeping the world connected.

“I tell people that WhatsApp is a teenager but … I like to call the brand voice a toddler,” global head of marketing Vivian Odior tells CR. “In the first phase of its growth, the voice of the brand really just came through your experience with the app itself. And that’s still the primary way you should understand and feel connected to WhatsApp, but we wanted to have more ownership of what people understood about us and what we’re about.”

WhatsApp brand profile
Top: There’s No One Like Us exhibition by WhatsApp and Mous Lamrabat; Above: Rebrand by Creative X and Koto