When ¡Hola! meets Hiya!

Barcelona and Manchester share more than footballing excellence: both host thriving design scenes, representatives of which will meet at BCN:MCR


Barcelona and Manchester share more than footballing excellence: both host thriving design scenes, representatives of which will meet at BCN:MCR.

Curated by Manchester-based designer David Sedgwick, whose work includes the exhibition venue 2022NQ’s identity, the BCN:MCR show, opening today (February 21) and running for two weeks, presents work by five Barcelona-based design consultancies, Hey, Lamosca, Lo Siento, Mayúscula Brands and Mucho.

Sedgwick has wanted to play pan-European design match-maker for a while. Having visited Barcelona on a number of occasions, he was “inspired by the originality and diversity of the design scene”, and noted a few parallels between the two cities: “both are cosmopolitan with a creative and flourishing design community and distinctive identity”.

Mucho’s Pablo Juncadella, noting the mutual admiration between the cities, adds that both have developed “under the shadow of two larger capital cities, but have managed to build their own reputation and scene in many areas, including design”.

The five studios, which are all travelling to Manchester for the show’s opening, reflect Barcelona’s creativity but in distinctive processes and styles. These include the handcrafted approach of Lo Siento, the signature combination of geometry and colour of Hey, and conceptually engaging branding courtesy of Mayúscula. All designers,, as well as Sedgwick, have also each created one letter from the exhibition title (see poster artwork below). They are on display as a whole artwork at the TAKK coffee shop, and encapsulate the studios’ different styles nicely.

BCN:MCR is on at 2022NQ, 20-22 Dale Street, M1 1EZ from February 21 to March 7. See bcnmcr.co.uk.


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