Studio DBD reveals a jaunty identity for Manchester’s Where There’s a Well

Briefed to create something “irreverent and quirky” for a new bar and restaurant, the studio brought together some local history and a plucky frog mascot

Studio DBD founder Dave Sedgwick came up with the name for the eatery – which is located in Prestwich – after delving into historic maps of the area and discovering it was once home to a water well. He says it’s also a gentle nod to the challenges of setting up a new business in the midst of Covid.

Sedgwick says he knew the restaurant needed to appeal to both adults and children, as Where There’s a Well is intended as a family destination. “It was a bit random, but I instantly thought of the frog, as they reside in wells,” he tells CR. “We tried a variety of poses and styles but ended up with the illustrative approach, as we wanted to be able to recreate this in many materials inside the space.”

The mascot stands guard on lightbox signage outside the restaurant, as well as in outdoor ads showing him enjoying a beer and a slice. The well-inspired ideas continue in a set of patterns based on the shapes and lines found in coins and notes from around the world – a reference to the practice of throwing money down wells in exchange for wishes.

Studio DBD’s playful approach also extends to the typeface – a brush letter style that’s reminiscent of food stalls and trucks found the world over.