Where You Are


A box of 16 maps authored by a selection of writers and artists.

How we map and document our lives.

Joe Dunthorne charts a single writing day – an island he explores includes a bonfire of ex-girlfriends, Thomas Pynchon in a West Ham kit, failed novel ideas dotted around.

“a rough and shifting account of writing” – east and west are fear and hope; revulsion and attraction are north and south.


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Earth Hour poster competition

WWF, Do the Green Thing and Pentagram have launched a competition inviting young creatives to design a poster promoting sustainable living.

The many faces of FHK Henrion

Adrian Shaughnessy’s new book on the designer FHK Henrion offers a detailed look at the work of a seminal figure who shifted from civic-minded poster artist to pioneer of corporate identity during his long career. We talk to Shaughnessy about Henrion’s reputation and why his name perhaps isn’t as widely known as it should be

Six New Ads To Watch

Our latest advertising round-up features spots for Nike, Netflix, Canal+, McLaren and fashion designer Roland Mouret. First up though is this amusing number to advertise Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on Friday, which features The Killing’s Sarah Lund getting very serious about knitwear…

A novel tribute to Eric Gill

Designed and typeset in accordance with Eric Gill’s An Essay on Typography, the debut novel from Karen Healey Wallace is a celebration of letterforms. Unsurprisingly, the book itself is a lovely object – using Gill’s Joanna typeface throughout, it has ‘golden ratio’ margins and just wait until you see the spine

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