Whirlwind of Time – new works by Kai & Sunny

London-based duo Kai & Sunny will open new show, Whirlwind of Time, at the Stolen Space Gallery in the capital on March 4. Their fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, it will feature a number of new pieces created solely with coloured ballpoint pens.

In each artwork, single lines build up the complex abstract images, creating a multi-coloured visual hit. The duo are known for producing beautifully-rendered prints which reflect patterns found in the natural world – the bright colours in these new prints marking something of a departure from their trademark fondness for metallic tones, greys and blacks.

With more in common with the abstract design approach of Victor Vasarely or Richard Anuszkiewicz, Kai & Sunny’s latest series offers up all the hum and throb of the best Op Art.

Whirlwind of Time (detail shown, top of post)
Changing Weather

Whirlwind Of Time also continues the artists’ longstanding working relationship with British author, David Mitchell, who has written an exclusive short story for the show in response to the works on display.

Kai & Sunny have created the cover designs for many of Mitchell’s most celebrated works, including Ghostwritten, number9dream and Cloud Atlas. Mitchell’s new story, My Eye On You, will be exhibited at Stolen Space as six A3 letterpress prints. Four skateboard decks from the artists’ collaboration with Element Skateboards will also be on show.

Whirlwind of Time is at the Stolen Space Gallery, 17 Osborn Street, London E1 6TD from March 4 – April 3. See stolenspace.com and kaiandsunny.com

Detail of Vasarely Circle
Vasarely Circle
Continued Wave
Passage of Time

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