It’s time to challenge brands’ short-term thinking

Short-termism threatens key disciplines such as design and strategy. And boardroom ignorance is allowing it to happen, says Love’s Trevor Cairns. It’s time to challenge brands’ obsession with likes, followers and new tech


I’m starting to despair. To despair at many of the conversations I’m hearing on an almost daily basis.

To despair that every brief seems to mention “disruption”, yet few mention brand building. To despair that increasingly, an ambiguous paragraph now constitutes the “brief”. That’s assuming anything is written down at all. To despair that the response to the brief is needed in three days, when three weeks would be a challenge. To despair that proven channels are challenged and dismissed, while unproven channels are championed. To despair that I hear statements like ‘I don’t care about the idea as long as we’re the first brand to use the technology’. That’s not a typo – ‘I don’t care about the idea…’.

Everyone seems increasingly desperate for a quick fix.