Wickes has created a suncream for tradespeople

To help construction workers fight off the dangers of sunburn and skin cancer, Wickes is trialling a new product: a range of suncreams which will be given out free at stores nationwide this weekend.


There are three suncreams on offer from Wickes – Brickie’s Bronze, Plasterer’s Pink or Apprentice White – and all come in mini tubs styled like paint cans.

So far, so fun you might think, but there’s a serious message behind the campaign. Research has shown that tradespeople are particularly in danger of sunburn and skin cancer, with high percentages choosing not to apply any suncream, despite spending long periods working outdoors. Perhaps most concerning, 9% of those surveyed in a study of 500 tradespeople admitted that they didn’t use cream as they thought they’d be mocked by their workmates.


Wickes has teamed up skin cancer charity Skcin to create this charming solution to help raise awareness. Creative and strategy agency Iris led the idea from concept, through to design, partnership and launch.

“We’re using the powerful tool of humour to resonate with tradesmen to help overcome the barriers regarding wearing suncream and help make it as normal as a hard hat and steel-toe caps for the building site,” says Simon Mannion, Creative Director at Iris.

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