Wieden + Kennedy creates an intense spot for the new F1 season

The 2021 F1 season starts in Bahrain on Sunday. To mark the occasion, Wieden + Kennedy has created a spot which focuses on the emotional impact the sport has on its fans

It takes over 30 seconds before you first glimpse a car in this new F1 ad. Instead, tension is built by focusing on close ups of fans, drivers and pit crews’ reactions as they are shown watching the sport.

The core emotion on show is a kind of agony, which sits at odds with the new tagline for the season, Make Yourself Comfortable. This is displayed bombastically in bold letters as the ad plays out. Brilliantly edited together by Joe Guest at Final Cut, the spot makes great use of found footage to create a dramatic spot that will no doubt make F1 fans desperate to tune in on Sunday.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative director: Darren Simpson
Creatives/Directors: Tom Cocoran, Tom Bender
ECDs: Iain Tait, Tony Davidson
Editor: Joe Guest, Final Cut
VFX: Time Based Arts